Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday 1-July Update

Sunday 1-July Update

Not a lot to show this weekend.

This is the second bridge at Elk Creek. Crosses the creek only and as you can see quite small.

Rounding the curve going downgrade towards Beaver Brook. This is one of the places where the creek and track were moved. The old creek is now filled in the mount covered. I really like the texture of the sculpt-a-mold. The covering has a nice rough look which works well as rock similar to Clear Creek Canyon.

Looking downgrade from Beaver Brook. Track has been relaid on cork roadbed. The sculpt-a-mold has been completed and more rocks are the next step.

The creek bed color is really difficult. Only color pictures I can find is with the creek low and it appears fairly greenish. Spring run off will be deeper and faster. Anyone who has ideas I'm happy to hear them. Tried burnt
umber, and several variations.

Also working on fitting new pickups to Brass 2-6-0 and a can motor. Will post more.

Thanks Cameron

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