Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday July 4th Update

Wednesday July 4th Update

Only had about 4 hours to work on layout so tried to pick specific items to wrap up. Focused on creek color, finishing sculpt-a-mold on mountains, painting rough terrain coat, and completing some roadbed and test fitting turn-outs.

This is downgrade from Beaver Brook looking towards my fictional tunnel (C&S had no tunnels in this district). The sculpt-a-mold work is done. All base coat now painted on. Will continue to add rock castings.

Second bridge at Elks Creek. Added rock and painted in prep for a test pour. Need to add some water effects or chalk to act as both rapids and a dam between sections.

Looking towards Forks Creek. New creek color added and blended in with shallows. shallow areas for rapids created.

Creek bed at main Elks Creek bridge. Recolored creek and added more rock. Once I get abutments painted will add debris and do a test pour.

Rest of time spent testing turn-outs and completing roadbed. Hopefully this Sunday will see the turn-outs installed. Once Beaver Brook bridge and wooden flume cover completed I can complete track for this section (Middle Peninsula deck 2). This is a try at my first try on AP for scenery.

Thanks Cameron

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