Thursday, July 5, 2012

Brief update on Selena's (Barkeep's) Tavern.

Brief update on Selena's (Barkeep's) Tavern.

Added Lighting and wainscot to walls. Looking much better. Used 1.5 volt mini-lamps from Minitronics with nice brass shades. Thought about replaceing with led's but wanted to use these up. I may regret it later on if a lamp goes out.

Here is wainscot added. That was an excellent idea from this forum, thanks guys.

Here is the lighting added. The tint adds that olden look to the scene.

Here is lighting and front windows in-place.

Another view

Adding the windows helped me see how much would be seen so I could judge just how much detail to add. Hoping this will count as one of my kit builds for AP. I assume interior detail counts a super-detailing.

Still need bottles, furniture and people, but getting there. Having alot of fun. The interior posting ya'll pointed me to helped spark ideas.

Thanks Cameron

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