Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday Progress - It's alive!

Sunday Progress - It's alive!

Spent 6 hours Sunday concentrating on laying track, wiring drops and installing turn-outs (3). Bridge at Elk's Creek in in-place (removable) as is the Bridge 2 at Elks Creek. Pulled out my c-19 (leased from DRGW due to increased traffic) to test. My K-27 refused to run, looking into what the issue is now.

Here are some pictures:

Elks Creek Bridge with C-19 heading across. Need to add pick-ups to bridge after I figure out what connectors to use. Forgive the picture quality using iphone. One set of LED's was acting up so 1 section too yellow.


Passing siding heading up grade to Forks Creek.

I like this picture as is shows forward movement of loco.

Bridge 2

C-19 heading upgrade to Beaver Brook.

New hand-laid turn-out at Beaver Brook.

All in all a satisfying day. Wired 1/2 a dozen power drops and the turn-outs worked well.

Thanks Cameron

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