Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday 15 July Update

Sunday Update.

Not a lot to show for 5-6 hours work.  Spent time fixing LED's for Deck 1 of the middle peninsula and wiring turn-outs.

Was a real struggle getting frogs working as desired.  2 are completed with 1 in progress and another one to go.

The K-27 runs well through turn-outs, the c-19 struggles a little.  It is much picker about electrical pick-up.  On some of the turn-outs the sound stutters annoyingly.  I think I need to clean the tender contacts some.  CRC'd the track so that helped.

Figure 1 more session on the turn-outs and I will be able to move on to the mounting the bridge at Forks Creek.

Also spent some time with small castings to use on the creek as rapids.  Will use either water effects or clear chalk to model the rushing water.

Sorry no pictures yet worth sharing.

Thanks Cameron

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