Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Update 22-Jul-2012

Weekend Update 22-Jul-2012

Got in about 5-6 hours this weekend. Spent too much time Beta testing some software so not much progress on the old work bench.

Turn-outs till are taking forever to work the kinks out. Wiring, redoing turn-out controls, and replacing throw-bars. Taking my time here as I trashed old layout and started fresh on this one specifically to have reliable running. One of the turn-outs turned out nicely with both c19 and k27 navigating reliably. Still have an issue with k-27 pilot derailing on a turn, think track is banked a little, so shimming work to do there. Track transitions are getting better, having to trim and shim some.

This is my best turn-out to-date. SPST switch on turn-out control (bullfrog) working. C19 still stutters sound here.

Did get to temp mount the partially complete Forks Creek bridge. Cuts done and abutment in place. Roughed in first part of Forks Creek scenery and laid out builds to get a feel for final product.

Roughed in Creek with partial bridge.

Forks Creek laid out. Section house to be scratch built and water tank in-progress.

Used zip texturing as described by Joe Fugate at MRH e-zine. Having places where tempura paint is in small blobs that leave color concentrated in dots. Shifted colors and plaster and still having some problems. need to figure out how to eliminate that issue.

Here is the C19 to show a more finished look.

To minimize burn-out in any one area, plan to work on Forks Creek more while fiddling with turn-outs. Jack from the HON3Chat forum provided some nice plans I can use for Beaver Brook water tank, he built one and it looks excellent.

This is the Beaver Brook Water Tank as built by Jack. His website is Jack has done some excellent work on his layout, he builds everything from scratch and does some really good work.

Finding this Forum and a couple others provide excellent advise that is helping over come issues as I encounter them.

Thanks Cameron

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