Friday, July 27, 2012

Tavern Progress

Little people arrived so wanted to get a feel for what it would look like. Kit above had about twice the items I needed so am set to do another Bar somewhere. The piano, bar and bar shelves too large for what I needed so using just 2 tables, some of the bottles, and 10 or so figures.

Here are some pictures giving a feel for what it looks like. Built the back shelves to frame the picture of "Madam Lash" of HON3Chat fame.

Shows trial placement of figures, new shelves in back. Figures are 18mm so a little shorted than HO but inside a building work well.

Full front view with front windows in-place. Figures really make a huge difference, very satisfied.

Front door view. Once painted, with light in-place I think this will work very well. Front is only temporary, the seems should not show in final.

All-in-all happy with results. Hopefully will begin painting next week. Next step is to find small speaker and wire it for the honky-tonk sound effects. Then can assemble rest of the building. Hope this turns out well enough to use as one of my super detailed builds for AP.

Any suggestions for Colorado circa 1916-18 music?

Thanks Cameron

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