Monday, July 9, 2012

K-27 all healed!

K-27 all healed!

One of the low points to Sunday was my Blackstone K-27 would not run. At full throttle it would move about 1/4" stop then move again. C-19 ran fine so was not the track.

Went on HON3Chat Forum and Earle suggested I put the DCC K-27 on a DC power pack to the locomotive pins 1&8. Run at 12v and see if blue smoke came out. Apparently Blackstone had some first release K-27's that had too much oil.

To say I was nervous was a major understatement. Did just as Earle (Forum name) recommended. At first ran very poor then it started picking up speed, and just as described out came blue smoke. Ran til smoke cleared.

Took out to the layout and it ran like a top!

Way to go Earle. Saved me sending back to Blackstone with a possible large bill for motor replacement. Here are some pictures:

K-27 running past siding.

K-27 coming up to Beaver Brook.

K-27 on Elks Creek Bridge 1

Very happy to get her running again. All-in-all not a bad beginning of the week!

Thanks Cameron

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