Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday Update July 29th 2012

Sunday Update July 29th 2012

Sunday went well, got 7 hours work in. First concentrated on getting Middle Peninsula Deck 2 turn-outs completed. Had to re-solder 2 turn-out throws and do a little more wiring. That went well and 3 of 4 turn-outs now work well.

The c-19 now makes it from Forks Creek to Beaver Brook.

With the turn-outs working switched to working on the Middle Peninsula deck 1. Lots of progress here. Still need to put in 2 turn-outs. All roadbed and track installed almost to Golden. Put in 4 power drops, need another 3-4.

Trains can now move from almost Golden to Beaver Brook transitioning 2 decks.

K27 navigates tough cuss pass.

Upgrade from tough cuss pass, this is the passing siding (needs 2 turn-outs to be re-installed.

Backing downgrade on deck 1, at far end is turn to deck 2.

Emerging on deck 2 from deck 1.

Net result: Deck 1 and Deck 2 of the Middle Peninsula will be operational with the re-install of 3 turn-outs and 3-4 more power drops.

Thanks Cameron

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