Thursday, July 5, 2012

Brass Loco overhaul.

Taking a little side trip here - Reworking a 2-6-0 mogul I picked up on e-bay.

The unit runs very poorly, has old open-frame motor and the electric pick=ups are like most brass, limited and relying on the tender bolsters to conduct the juice.

Will upgrade in stages, first get running well in DC, then add decoder for DCC. Can't find small enough sound decoder yet, may look at zimo.

Here is the unit with the boiler and tender shells removed. In upper corner you can see can motor from LocoDoc I will be installing.

Close up of tender, here you can see 2 points of electric current, front pin and wire for positive and tender trucks on bolsters for negative. Want to rewire so I have wire connections for both positive and negative from both loco and tender.

Here is tender taken apart to begin adding pick-ups from wheels. New wire for positive added to connect from tender to loco.

Tender trucks are now wired, small gauge flexible wire runs from Phosphor bronze wires to PCB, then to wire where they allow free movement of trucks.

Can motor test fitted to begin install planning. You can see where I had to cut out floor to clear the fly-wheel.

After install having 2 issues, one not getting power to motor and motor mount not holding unit properly.

More to follow.

Thanks Cameron

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