Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday Update - Best Laid Plans

Sunday Update

Well, as they say "best laid plans". The curve on deck 2 in the middle peninsula had to be redone. Will post pictures later.

The issue was the 2 bridges the creek was needing. I could not get a good straight section to build the Pratt Truss steel bridges. This was corrected by moving the creek to the outside of the creek eliminating the 2 bridges. Checking the Colorado Central book, this is more prototype, only issue is Elk Creek will be seen from the back, not from, this should provide a different prospective then more commonly seen.

Here is the new view, note creek on outside of 180degree turn on left.  Click to enlarge.

This is original. 
Click to enlarge.

The change requires adding to mountain, filling old creek and cutting new. All in all about 16' and 2 turn-outs need to be changed.

Also looking at roadbed in Prototype pictures. Seems there is a little raise for roadbed. So will add N scale cork roadbed over black board. This has advantage in that it makes lining up bridges easier.

Thanks Cameron

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