Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Update

Sunday Progress

Still working on redoing the section of Clear Creek from Beaver Creek to Forks Creek. Cutting the new creek was turning into a real chore, so off to Home Depot to find something better to cut the creek with.

This is a Milwaukee Oscillating tool. Really good reviews and takes cutting accessories from most manufacturers (Bosch in particular). Never used one before so I made sure I could return it. Wow, did it work. Came with a wood blade and it made short work of the blackboard. It can cut up to 3" depth and it cuts flush and gets into tight places. Just what I needed. 5 stars in my book.

Posting 2 pictures to show results on the oscillating tool cutting the creek. This is #1.

Picture 2. Easy to control, let tool do the work and don't force. This is a much better choice than the Dremel, tried it in store and was not as powerful.

After cuts made used Rigid Wrap from Dick Blick Art Supplies to make creek contour. The Rigid Wrap does not seem to be quite as good as Woodland Scenics Plaster Wrap, but is close enough and 1 pack is about 5-6 times more material. Net, much less expensive and I use alot of it.

Here is the creek now on the right of the track going upgrade between Beaver Brook and Elk Creek.

Here is the newly oriented Elks Creek. Bridge is in-progress. Don't have alot of depth for section house and water tower, but should be just enough.

Here is the long section of the reworked creek from Elk Creek to Forks Creek.

All in all, very happy with the change. the orientation is more aligned to prototype and it eliminated 3 non-prototype bridges that were going to cause operational problems. Also began adding the roadbed. Since it is N-scale I allowed a small gap between to make the roadbed fit the track better.

Thanks Cameron

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