Friday, June 22, 2012

Scratch-building C&S Section House

Here is the beginnings of my new scratch-build project. Larry a MMR friend has offered to mentor me through my MMR process and this is going to be my first effort.

I am amazed how helpful and giving people like Larry, Keevan, Scoop (Laurie) and many others are.  Great group of folks.  Thanks guys!

Had not done casting since I was a teen, so was a little leary, but it worked out well. The C&S Section House kit, long out of production, from Model Masterpieces is providing the plans and the master for my foundation castings. Making the mold was the hardest part, used wire to support master in mold box.

Here are the molds, also molding a bridge abutment at the same time. Estimating the casting resin was giving me fits. Finally got to where I have enough molds I cast an extra whatever with any unused resin to not waste.

Using the Micro-Mark kit and it has been very good (based on my limited experience).

Here is the results. I was very pleased. The abutment is nice and the foundations will count towards the scratch-built portion of the structure.

Thanks Cameron

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