Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weathering update

Weathering update

Some friends on HON3Chat gave me some advice on weathering and this is my first attempt to use that advice. Here is a Banta Model Works (Bill is great)storage boxcar kit. Will need to buid several of these. May try a scratch-build of it next. My last efforts seemed heavy handed, I am going back and adjusting these some. This kit I diluted all paints at least 50/50 to use. More like stain than paint. I think it looks much better. Then used Inkahol (india ink and alchol) mixed to weather. Will add soot & rust later.

Front view. Windows a wash of white diluted, sides red oxide diluted. Light Inkahol wash.

3/4 view

Back view.

Flash makes weathering hard to see. I really like how wood shows through. Also roughed wood up with wire brush.

Feedback appreciated.


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