Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday 6 May Progress!

Good Weekend, got alot done. Focusing on the middle peninsula deck 2 almost exclusively thought beginning work on Forks Creek.

Got several questions I'd like to as advice on:
1. Using Harp switch stands for mainline turn-outs (plan is to have bullfrog turn-out controls to actually move the points). Unsure what to use for yards. The DPDT switch to move pionts as shown on Gerry's page on NMRA AU site looks good, but what would work for some kind of indicator?
2. Roadbed, I thought putting track directly on Blackboard using track nails would work. It is allowing too much lateral movement. So should I add roadbed on top of blackboard? If I were to want to secure track to either new roadbed or Blackboard what is best way (Chalk, Glue, spikes)?
3. Proto-freelance, Clear Creek had no tunnels, I have one 180 degree turn that I need to hide, it drops from about 11" to about 6" for the turn, so no room for light or scenery. Any ideas: use tunnel, use frames to make like a shadow box, hide some other way?
4. On Picture 4 - which color seems best for a limestone type ballast?

Here are the progress photos:

Cardboard web turning front 180 between Beaver Brook and Elk Creek.

Webbing showing rough-in for Beaver Brook.

Better view of Beaver Creek, you can see ledge where pavilion will go. The block of wood is a stand-in for the the station / restaurant.

Need Advice, which color seems best for a limestone type ballast? C&S used local rock to build these up? This is the grout I picked up in response to a great posting on Layout Construction sub-forum.

Looking upgrade this is Elks Creek rough-in. Sorry for the over exposure on the plaster.

Looking towards Forks Creek. The creek you see had to be moved downgrade (towards camera) to make room for Forks Creek ( a 3 turn-out wye with legs that go to Blackhawk and Idaho Springs).

To be continued in Part 2.

Thanks Cameron

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