Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday 20 May Update

Sunday 20 May Update

Been awhile, out of town taking kids on a short cruise. My wife helped me today and we got a lot done.

First big change was the realization hat 1 600 led per 5m was not right enough and to bright white leds made everything look too blue. Tried some under cabinet lights but the dispersion pattern was too narrow. Went back and added a second string of 600 led per 5m tinted warm white. This is the result. I think it is much better.

Worked pretty steadily on Beaver Brook. Worked to cut out brook and then build platform over brook and over hang of Clear Creek. Used Sculp-a-mold to make brook and blend in.

Here is a picture looking down grade from Beaver Brook. Sculpt-a-mold covering over plaster cloth it really helped it develop the right look.

Here is a ballast test for color using grout. To my eye the left color is best.

This is "here is where we are" picture. Beginning laying track for Forks Creek. Orange lines are where I'm trying to map out creek.

Thanks Cameron

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