Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday 6 May Progress (Part 2)

Beaver Brook plastered in with first layer.

Looking downgrade towards Beaver Brook and beyond.

Rounding the 180 looking upgrade towards Elk Creek.

Elk's Creek. This is a little steeper than prototype. Want to use rule#1 and have a waterfall on Elk's creek coming down from the ledge half way up side into basin then flowing to Clear Creek. Like waterfalls and plan to use a mp3 mini-player with speaker to have water sound behind falls.

This is final upgrade section to Forks Creek. Looking closely you can see where I had to move the creek. Blackboard is nice in that with patience and an hobby knife you can carve creek beds and depressions out.

Also managed to work on Beaver Creek Turn-out and run mu wife's Blackstone c-19 through to test. Have a good bit of tuning on turn-out to do. Dropped more feeder wires also. This may become an issue depending what is decided on the roadbed.

Thanks Cameron

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