Sunday, June 30, 2013

Creek creation

Made some more photos of Creek creation, hopefully they will form a SBS as Phil asked on Railline Forum.

Building in layers. So after creek banks created and bed painted and sealed with Wood Glue. Began building the first later of Rapids, rocks and objects that will be seen underwater. Pretty Basic stuff.

Next I use bathroom clear chalk in a squeeze tube (easier to control and more precise) to make the rapids and secure the rocks.

Depending on water flow this could be minor ripples or a raging torrent. Since this is spring in Colorado the Clear Creek is full and rushing with water.

Chalk put in place leaving plenty to sculpt around rock or log to simulate flow. Water piles up where it first encounters the object then flows around and creates a tail behind the object.

Another shot. I use the back of a small artist brush to shape the rapids. Pulling with the water flow to create the tails and piling up more chalk in front of the object. Looks best to me if the rapids get bigger closer to the rock. So the effect is building as it gets next to the rock.

This shot and next show the effect as the water rushes through the creek, next to the track between the canyon walls.

Really happy with the this part of the canyon. Lots more work to go on the creek, will take pictures. The next steps will be repeated as necessary while we build depth. Each pour is no more than 1/8" thick and I expect it will take 3-4 pours.

Have many more pictures at higher res showing more details on the steps, let me know if anyone wants them.

More to come as we begin adding the "water", coloring, more rapids and the final step to add ripples, deal with glare and add just a little sparkle to the surface.

Stay tuned, lots more fun.

Thanks Cameron

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