Monday, June 10, 2013

Good Sunday Progress - Scenery and mine.

Good Sunday Progress - Scenery and mine.

Got a solid 5 hours in Sunday and made some good progress on Forks Creek to Black Hawk scenery and Mine.

Creek bottom painted and rock work stained on Black Hawk side of curve.

Continuing towards Forks Creek

Moving closer to Forks Creek

At Forks Creek

Mine with added deck and loading dock, Rock coloring in place and side of mountain added behind mine. This was done so looking around mountain would preserve illusion of the full canyon.

Mine updates note loading dock and loading extension on ore bin. Mike Condor gave me a tutorial on mine operation and suggested dock with hoist for supplies. should make a nice addition to the scene.

Mine updates with extension of mountain to right side.

Forgive the lousy lighting, shows canyon from left side of Forks Creek (the Idaho Springs side) looking through to show canyon. Really starting to dislike CFL lighting, base gets hot and too much reflection. May start redoing with LED a little at a time.

Close up on the mountain extension from Black Hawk side. Once sculpt-a-mold applied and casting should look ok.

Final of mine showing loading dock, adding supports to top deck. Rewired lights (one still not working). Inside now lit and shaft light adding interest. I'm pretty sure I will regret not changing these to led's.

All in all good progress. Once I paint track, ballast, add dirt, vegetation (not trees yet). I will prepare creek bed and add chalking where needed as dam's. Then I will pour envirotex for water.

Thanks Cameron

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