Friday, June 21, 2013

More rock work.

Tried white highlights dry brushed on along with some shadowing. Please give feedback may have over done.

Sorry to always ask feedback. Have no modelers I know within 20-25 miles of me. Joined local NMRA but still trying to plug in. So this group and NarrowGaugeChat supply 90%+ of my feedback.

Middle of Forks Creek to Black Hawk canyon. Added white highlights to tips and some Payne's Grey (is it Gray or Grey?)to underside and cracks. Also begin putting in some dirt and rocks and prepping creek bed.

Forks Creek side up against forks Creek to Black Hawk Bridge position (bridge yet to be started).

Going to have to break out a better Camera so it does not over expose, picture is lite, actual much darker.

Your help is always appreciated.

Thanks Cameron

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