Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Update

Friday Update

Been spending time working on a booklet on creating water on layouts for a friend. Using some of the techniques for taking quality photo's using aperture priority and a small table top tripod and Kodak 915 Camera. A couple of progress photos:

Existing water, rapidly moving Colorado stream in spring.

Another existing shot. The little tripod and apature priority seem to work really well

This is the new work on the creek in the corner I been adding mountains to.

This booklet is going to be a how-to on modeling moving water. Was real excited to be asked to do it. Should count towards the AP for MMR.

On another front (back to phone camera), this is a building for the Narrow Gauge Chat module in Pasadena. Still need to add lights and interior.

Wild West General Store. They make nice kits.

Also started another section house.

Beginning applying wood with contact cement.

Weighting down is critical. These weights are from Micro-Mark and are great.

Trimming off the wood.

Plank floor in-place.

Plank floor stained.

Steady progress.

Thanks Cameron

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