Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tuesday Update - Did I mess up?

Tuesday Update - Did I mess up?

Finally got to do some work on layout. From feedback and checking pictures of Clear Creek rocks were too orange. Decided to try and fix. May have made it worse. Strated with black wash (Payne's grey I think), then went grey wash. The grey maybe too much. Feedback please.

First good news removable mountain casting done. Beginning coloring. CFL light still bothering me, going to have to try something here, the contrast with light showing is too much and distracts. This is planned to be sort of the showcase picture really bringing out the narrow canyon with high walls. May try LED's here or a light block in front of light.

This is coloring on the removable mountain, still needs some work. The plaster filling often takes washes differently even though exact same material. Letting it dry more will help.

The next 3 shots are the recolored rock.

Black Hawk side looking down grade. Pictures show less gray than seen in person. Rock in Canyon tends to gray with lighter and orange patches.

Closer look

The Forks Creek side.

The walls don't seem to have the pop of before, for good or ill.

Thoughts, suggestions, did I really mess up?

Thanks Cameron

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