Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lower Deck Begun


Today was a good day, alot got done.  The floor and layer was completed and more tempered hardboard installed.  Begun building the benchwork for deck 1.  Moved more stuff out of the Train Shed and installed more insulation.

Wife is taking the family to her parents for Holidays plus off work a couple extra days so I should get some real work done.

Harvey took a look at the track plan and suggested some changes so I'm looking them over to see if I can make that work.  His does call for an extra deck for Silver Plume so that may be an issue.

With Harvy, Keevan, Dave and alot of advice from the boards I think I'm feeling more confident.

Some of items of interest:
  • broke down and got the turn-out kit from Fasttracks, so I'll use the Shinora turn-outs I have for the staging and build new for the rest of the layout
  • Ordered some BullFrog snot to help my locomotives handle the helix.
  • Tested my c-19 on a approx 3.5% grade 18-19" radius curve it it handled 6 cars (no Caboose).  quick test, I'll try test again adding a few more cars.  No Caboose at this time built so that will have to wait.  Will retest when the Snot gets in and see if it makes much difference.  If I can get 8 cars plus Caboose I will be very happy.
  • Got the Stairway to the stars book on the Argentine Central in.  Great book.  If I get to do Silver Plume this has enough info for me to model the climb to Mt. and if I can get more ideas on the Tram I will try to include that too.
Lest I forget, Hope everyone has a Happy and safe Holiday(s).

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