Thursday, December 15, 2011

Track Plan Part 3

Deck 3 is the big question mark.  As with all things there are pro's and con's:
  • Cost, Deck 3 will add significanly to cost
  • Height, this will be from 62" to 72", too high to work on or view without step stool
  • Complexity of bench work, that high will mean alot to work out on support.
  • Cosmetic impact on Deck 2.
  • Really adds run time for operations
  • Adds considerable traffic from mines, passengers and excursion cars
  • Addition of several key landmarks like: Georgetown loop, Silver Plume, Argentine Central (seen as Shay to Mt McClellan, Aerial Tram, and even Lumber (Lumber mill existed for a time at end of track).
The ultimate decision will probably be made after Deck 2 is built, I can then see how much a 3rd Deck would take away from Deck 2.

The Plan:

Starting at the Top

Central city

  • The Tram will provide a means to move ore from several mines to Blackhawk to be milled.  Supplies will flow back up to Central city and then be taken to the mines.
  • Central City will have several hopefully representative buildings to place the location.
  • Option to bring C&S regular line up switchback to station.
  • I really like the Gilpin Tram and this lets me create a replica that adds operational and scenic fun.  The deck is at 68" so it will require a step up.
  • Provides the loop and a portion of the city to model.
  • The location is iconic
Silver Plume
  • Provides end of track and a nice town with several landmarks
  • Building a platform as seen in 1910 will provide interchange for Argentine Central and will justify both ore and excursion cars
  • The Aerial Tram which only survived about 2 years gives an excuse to model a really cool structure.
  • There is also a Aerial Tram in Silver Plume to a Mine above the City.
Thats alot to think about.  Next it might be worth looking at operational opportunities.

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