Thursday, December 15, 2011

Physical Facilities

My first layout was roughly 12 x 12 and based on the famous San Juan Central of Malcolm Furlow.  While his modeling is fantatic, I found operations too limited.  My first thought was to add wings and extend out to 12 x 22 incorporating Blackhawk and Idaho Springs.

This created alot of issues: confusion over what line I was modeling, space, and traffic flow.

Solution:  Start from scratch.  Harry Brunk's UCN had been a source of inspiration for years.  While attending the Narrow Gauge convention I also met Duncan Harvey who did a great talk on the C&S.  After some more planning I was set on my new direction - C&S.

Being this was such a large undertaking I had to search out a new home for the layout.  We had a large storage building (12 x 22) which might just do the trick.  After some analysis I found it needed improved floors, more wiring, and insulation.  Since it is not heated I also will need to add a small heat pump.  Home Depot has a self contained unit that does heat and A/C and works on 15 amps.  Have had one for almost  year and it works nicely.

Flooring was next, subfloor was 3/4 ply (treated) on a 24" center frame.  Covered this with 1/2 OSB reversing the gaps to insure good coverage.  Feels strong and is pretty smooth.  It is 90% done.  The struggle is more cleaning out the space as opposed to building.  My old Layout is still up though I am taking off the added wings to reduce footprint.

Walls insulation is going well.  Using r-13 faced with 1/8 tempered board over it for both covering and to hold backdrop.

Roof was not insulated so working that now.

For room lighting currently 4 100w compact fluorescent (23w actual).  Specific deck lighting will be a work in progress.

We are close to beginning benchwork.

Thanks Cameron

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