Thursday, December 29, 2011

Update 29 Dec

Been too long on the updates.  Family was out of town and I spent free time trying to install a built in Microwave / Convection oven.  Why does everything take 2-3 times longer than we think it will.

On the actual building front, not alot got done.  That is probably a good thing as I reoriented the layout and dropped the helix.  This created a few problems, Deck spacing on the middle peninsula being the biggest.  I think it is sorted out, the middle pen. is the hardest to support and is also providing the majority of the grade from deck to deck.  Put in a support wall with l-girders and the displayed portion will be only 9-12" on each side.  With this minimum depth it should make the 11-13" deck to deck separation acceptable.  See examples below.

On Deck 2 you can see Forks Creek to the extreme right.  The blue square are the support legs, either 2x2 or 2x4.  The lime green places represent scene dividers (scenery to separate views).

I also received good advice from Keevan and Duncan.  Duncan was the driving force spurring me to reorient the towns of Blackhawk and Idaho Springs.  Keeven really helped me out on the running aspects and recommended switching to #6 turn-outs.  The folks at fast-tracks were great, they changed my order for the jig will be a code 55 #6.  I will use up the code 70 and Shinorah switches I have on the Denver section.

I'll post the new design in a separate post.

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