Thursday, December 15, 2011

Track plan

The first real hurdle we all face is turning our dream layout into reality.  There are huge "wish lists" that would require we all have 50 x 100 builds for layouts.  I suspect for most of us, that is just not going to happen.

With Prototype chosen (C&S - Thanks Harvey), the scale and gauge determined (HO narrow gauge 3 foot), and the era chosen (1910-1917 to allow for Gilpin Tram amd also possible Argentine Central). it was time to face reality, space.

As seems to happen, providence smiled and 2 friends entered the picture.  David Bugg who is a local friend, and Keeven, a fine gentlemen I met through the HON3, D&SP and other discussion groups.  Each as provided oppertunities to test ideas and give constructive feedback.  Keevan after seeing my ambitious plan reminded me to KISS (keep it simple).  after 15 iterations and a 3D model I've come up with what I hope is a workable plan.

It consists of 2 (with a possible 3rd) decks.  Joe Fugate (Model railroad hobbyist magazine) has a excellent set of videos he made that helped quite a bit.

Tier 1
Has a staging area representing West Denver with a turning wye under the helix.  The star of the show will drive alot of the traffic, over 18 box cars or Gondolas or concentrated ore from mills upgrade.  It will also use many supply cars of lime stone, coke and coal.  from there I have some undefined room to add some switching, a support town and then some scenery to make the distance to Golden seem longer.  Golden is inspired by Keevan and will include a Coors plant, hopefully the house and gardens, engine facilities, coal, and passengers.  from golden we go up grade to the helix.  current plan is 20 - 22" 3% grade (testing to be done to ensure it does not need to be larger, this impacts door position.  I ordered bullfrog snot for my locomotives to ensure they handle grade.  Use 2 c-19's and 1 k-27 from Blackstone.  I know the k-27 is not prototype but it was my first engine, gave to my 12 year old son as a birthday present.  So it will do duty from Denver to Clear Creek.  Back Story is it will have been leased by handle increase in traffic between Denver and the split, with c-19's taking over at fork's creek.

My existing layout has a trestle with 3-4% grade on a 19" radius so it makes a good "real world" test for the bullfrog snot.  Since NG trains tended to be short (8 ish cars) I dont see a problem.  Keevan raised a godo point, brass oco's may not handle 18" radius.  I'll have to do some testing, if he is correct (I suspect he is), then I'l limit myself to BlackStones plus brass shays for tier 2&3.

Will post tier 2 & 3 next.

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