Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bench Work begun

Finally got the bench work started.

Between taking my wife to a birthday dinner and buying supplies, Sunday was a little slow.  Monday went much better.  Right wall L-girders and supports in place.  Middle Peninsula begun with L-girders in and temporary legs.  Back wall supports almost done and 1/2 of the L-girders in place.

The Cold slowed us down, had lots of help with both wife and daughter lending a hand.  My wife helped me build the decks at our house and is pretty good at construction.  She won't always admit it but I think she enjoys it (grin).

Starting was iffy with a lot of "figuring things out" as I went.  I had done L-girder on the previous layout, but not attached to the wall.  Model Railroader has a good book on bench-work and was able to follow there drawings.  Had to reposition bolts in walls due to L-girder postion a few times, but all finally started coming together.

The before:

Progress to-date, Left wall L-girders in. Middle in on temporary legs, Back Braces built and 1 L-girder

Moving stuff around adds to work load and slows progress.  Such is life.  Here is the bracket details.
The paper towels are to catch glue drips from the mending plate.  Each bracket is attached to a wall stud by a 3/8 and 1/4 lag bolt.   I learned from my last layout to make sure all level, so hopefully this one will not have some issues I had before.

Once I have rest of back wall in, I will put down plywood and begin laying track for Denver Yard.

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