Monday, January 9, 2012

More Updates 9 Jan 2012

We're back again with revised plans.  I never realized how many iterations this plan was going to go through.  I think this is revision 23 or 24.

Deck 1 has had the middle peninsula filled-in.  Goal here was to add some prototype elements to make this immediately recognizable as the Colorado & Southern.  One requirement I had in design was to have some long runs with plenty of scenery.  The Colorado Central Book is a big help here.  Main points of interest are tough cuss pass and the passing siding.  I wanted 1 siding per deck on this long run as I can see if we had a few operators working at the same time the traffic could be an issue here.

Deck 2 - This middle peninsula has alot going on.  First I needed to hide transition from deck 1.  Next I wanted to include some really noteworthy natural landmarks (Hanging Rock, Road-master and Mother Grundy).  I also wanted to include Beaver Brook, this presented a few obstacles, one it is on the opposite side of the creek, and 2 it was removed about 15-20 years before I am modeling.  Solution: Rule 1 of model railroading (grin), since this is a freelance-prototype it seemed worthwhile to compromise by putting it on the other side of the creek.  This necessitated putting in a non-prototypical bridge, but by putting it on the corner I hope to minimize the visual discrepancy.  Elk Creek was added, allowing an opportunity for a nice Pratt Truss bridge and passing siding.  Next it was on the Forks Creek.  I added a scene separator which will also serve to hide the second non-prototype bridge.  Forks Creek was causing me fits to get the orientation right.  I think it now has all the tracks and buildings in the right place.  No real changes to Blackhawk and Idaho Springs.

Next real design push will be Georgetown and Silver Plume.  I found a resource with Tram pictures and a reference to a Mill in Silver Plume who also had a bucket tram.  If I can find enough information and it fits the era it would make a nice addition.


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