Monday, January 30, 2012

Updates for 30- Jan

Was an eventful week, have a few more pictures to publish.  The middle peninsula continued it's build.  As of now deck 1 is roughed in for all areas.  The middle peninsula has benchwork for Deck 1&2.  We also managed to get the Deck 2 portion for Forks Creek in.  Deck 3 middle peninsula is about 60% done.

Here is right side & middle Peninsula, where the orange drill is is Forks Creek.

This is looking from the front - left to right on the middle peninsula.  All 3 layers are shown.  Distance is 11" from deck 1 to 2, and varies on deck 3.  Decks on the walls are 20+ inches in between so plenty of room.  Since this middle replaces a helix it seems to be a good compromise.  As it achieves the height I needed instead of train disappearing for minutes, it travels up the Clear Creek with it's impressive scenery.  The C&S had no tunnels in the branch so the hidden helix would not have served as well in my opinion.

This view is from front of middle peninsula looking left, gives good idea of decks.  The black is blackboard.  Similar to Homasote but 1/4 the price.  It deadens sound well and it can be dug out for minor depressions (like ash pits).  For actual roadbed I'm still playing with Homabed (prepared 1/8" to 1/4" Homasote) or Luan.  Luan is much cheaper and spike hold well, uniform thickness is good and cuts like wood not paper of pressed wood.  Jury still out on final choice.  Will lay some temporary track on Blackboard to determine routes then final mount with whatever choice wins on roadbed.

All in All good progress.  Everything is taking twice as long as I hoped, but better to do it right than do it twice.  Next steps are tp mount wall hard-board (middle deck hides seem, really nice) and begin rest of deck 2.  The work on the middle as shown the 3 deck model to be doable.  Deck 3 will range from 62" (5' 2") to 69" (5' 9") so a little step up will be needed to do any work.  A compromise but I think a worth-while one.

Also put gear lube on the 2-6-0 Mogul and soldered a front wire on.  Ran it back and forth a bunch of times to work lube in.  It is running better.  Next going to follow Scoop's advice and put in extra pick-ups and start preparing to add lights, sound and decoder.  Got my Fast-Tracks Jig in, built first frog today.

A good weekend!

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