Monday, January 23, 2012

Updates for 22 Jan 2012

Busy Sunday. Had to do some cross cultural work at 5 so could only get about 5
hours work in. the Middle Peninsula is really starting to take shape.

Since Deck 1 & 2 of the Middle Peninsula is really a large helix with Scenery
the deck to deck height is limited to 11". This is where the Clear Creek will
run from Forks Creek down to Golden. Put some decking on the supports
temporarily to show path of track and progress. Grade is limited to 3.2%. I
tested my wife's c-19 with 8 cars on a 3.5% 19" radius curve and it handled it
so this should be good.

With all the supports built next step is subroadbed then track. The Blob on
Deck 1 end is where I hope to put my existing trestle. Hopefully that will be
next Sunday if I have time after going lizard shopping with my wife (She wants a
bearded Dragon from down Scoop and Brewers way).

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