Thursday, January 19, 2012

More work on tiers

Tonight put in more middle peninsula tier supports.  I used my Micro-Mark level which shows grade, it is excellent and well worth the cost.  Only had a little over an hour once I was off work.  So far I have 5 of the Deck 3 supports done, and 3 each of deck 2.  Grade is less than 3% so all should be good.

I am concerned about deck to deck distance.  Right now it is only 8 1/2" between support bottom and deck.  To save height I'm going to leave off blackboard.  I tested both luan and blackboard and both take spikes well.  luan seems best.  It is only 1/8" thick so will make a nice roadbed.  If it does not work will get homabed (homasote roadbed) but cost is an issue at roughly $100 per deck.

If it turns out that distance is too big an issue I can switch to metal L brackets.  But this is not a cure all as it would not leave room to mount lighting.

I'll start testing lighting once I have the basic decks for the middle peninsula roughed in.  They make a really nice low wattage light string like used at restaurants but it is costly, roughly 100 bucks per 100ft with light mounts every 2'.  Uses low wattage bulbs.  I been trying t-5 strips from Home Depot, they are low profile and mounted sideways would fit in the space under deck where supports are.

Getting close to trying to work in the Trestle section from my existing layout.  That will be a real high point.

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