Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday Update

Sunday Update

Only able to put in 4 hours as had to make a Michaels run to get paint for rocks, a leather punch to make stools (Thanks to some great interior work posted on the forum) and Caspia (plant material for trees, Les and others use to make really top notch foreground trees).

A little disjointed on efforts, did several tasks:
1. Added wiring run and 4 lights to the rest of Deck 2 (not the led section shown here).
2. Painted Part of Fascia.
3. Beveled the creek cut slope in many areas.
4. Put in plaster cloth on creek to seal.
5. Added more rock castings and began to blend.
6. Test painted / stained rock castings. Trying both Paul Scoles and Les's methods.
7. Most effort on the new rock walls that are at the front of the creek towards viewer.

Here are some pictures:

Rough base of foreground rock.

Here is the foreground rock work added. Goal is to make the rail line appear to be in a very narrow canyon (like real life) so train slips behind rocks as it progresses.

Looking downgrade on deck 1. This is Chimney Gulch passing siding. You can see creek bevel and sealed. Rocks being added.

Re-sized Tough Cuss Pass, removed about 1/3 of downstream section and shortened remaining. Will wrap rock casting around to give a prototype rock covering. This is where a on location visit really pays off, you can see prototype pictures on right I use to compare. It is still an little too large but will leave for now as it has effect desired.

This is the first of the 2 rock castings added for the foreground . These were a little difficult due to curve and being held only bay the cardboard webbing.

Second Rock casting on foreground.

Distance view showing effect of foreground.

Final picture of new rock work being added to Chimney Gulch.

Thanks Camron

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