Friday, October 19, 2012

Tough Cuss Pass update

Tough Cuss Pass update

Well started adding rock work to tough cuss pass. I had been warned I might have made it too tight, and it maybe (ouch). Good news is I cna make a few cuts and recess the base back to allow for the rock work.

Found tough cuss pass when in colorado and it looked to be no more that 10ish feet wide so I know I want it to be as tight as possible.

This is an overview where you can see both sets or rock added. Still need to add inner left portion. Used the thinnest mold I have for the right wall.

Outer rock work (creek side), the flexible Bragdon mold is perfect as it conforms to shape I wanted.

This show clearance and where addition rock work needed. I maybe able to just add rock on ends if the middle not seen. Also need a little bit more on the right side to reach roadbed.

In retrospect - I probably should have done the rock on the right before building the rough scenery on the left. Another item to add to the oops category "live-and-learn".

Thanks Cameron

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