Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Update

Friday Update

My lovely wife came out to help last night, along with both children. My daughter vacuumed the plaster chips and my son (13) did a great job cleaning up my major mess all over from plastering. Even got the carpet.

My wife used Dr. Ben's Driftwood stain to paint ties. This was after an experimental section passed approval using the Driftwood, followed by instant age stain. Pictures hopefully in a day or so.

Focused on more rock staining. What I an learning is the raw stain is less predictable than Les's method of sealing first. For areas with no Sculpt-a-mold the stain only seems to do well. For areas where used sculpt-a-mold the over stain probably needs to be a little less diluted. Still working this out.

I did get brave and decided to stain the outer rock on the new Deck 1 180 degree turn.

This is upgrade going into deck 1 180 turn. Raw plaster stained. You can see the variability you get with this method.

This is the downgrade coming out of deck 1 180.

Thanks Cameron

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