Friday, October 26, 2012

Thursday Update - 2

Thursday Update - 2

Thursday night spent more time on the 180 degree Deck 2 turn. Added the sculpt-a-mold base and castings. Using molding plaster this time and it is a different bird than dental plaster. Made one gosh-awful mess miss timing the application of the mold and got plaster everywhere: on rocks, dirt, and rail. Now I know why your cover the rail.

Here is the rock work on the first downgrade part of the curve. Base is sculpt-a-mold and then molding plaster for the rocks.

This is the second curve. Had issues with overlapping 2nd casting, several part broke off leaving some fill-in work.

Elk's Creek getting really close.

Picture of the almost finished stain. Next will be adding dirt and rock fall. Then some vegetation. Looking at my Colorado pictures, lots of plants grew on any ledge in the rock.

New molding plaster castings on back side of deck 2. Initial coloring begins with raw sienna. The reddish color very prevalent in Clear Creek Canyon. The molding plaster seems to take stain more readily than dental stone.

That's it for this week, hope to post again Sunday or Monday.

Thanks Cameron

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