Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Update

Only had about 4 hours to work on train, had a funeral to officiate in the afternoon. Getting up so early on a Sunday was rough, the sacrifices we make for our trains (LOL).

Good day even though short. Focused on a small list of tasks: Fascia and Rocks.

Deck 1 Middle Peninsula front side going upgrade towards Beaver Brook. All castings in, some fill-in work still to be done, then will begin staining. I also worked on the Fascia, more on that a little later.

Still deck 1 with run up to the previous picture. Used almost 50 lbs of dental plaster to date. Took Les's advice and mixed a little more water in plaster. This helped eliminate large air pockets making plaster too thin in a few places.

Deck 2 at Elks Creek. The dent in for the creek has rock added. More fill-in and then I'll add the (rule #1) waterfall and some trees on the ledge.

This shot shows fascia on deck 1 & 2. Deck 2 is still under construction but the effect is looking pretty good to me. Deck 1 is designed to view seated, deck 2 standing. The bullfrogs are mounted through the fascia and seem to work well.

Probably 50-60% done on rough rocks for the middle peninsula, lots still to go on the back side. All in all happy with progress. Plan is to do fill-in work tonight so it can dry and be ready to stain by the end of the week.

Train show this Sunday, signed up to work local NMRA booth but if they don't call me I may just stay home and get some serious work done on the layout.

Thanks Cameron

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