Friday, October 5, 2012

Redesigned Huntsman and more dirt.

More Dirt and Huntsman redesigned.

I have got to say the trip to Colorado and the Narrow Gauge Convention really served to inspire me.

Ordered rock molds from Bragdon Enterprises, and they are first rate. Joel speed shipped them to me, got in 2 days. Ordered 6 molds one almost 2 ft long. The quality is excellent with extremely fine detail. Will post some pictures next week. Going to try two new materials, molding plaster and dental plaster. Hydrocal is great but it is costly, wanted to try an alternative as I have 60' linear ft in the middle peninsula alone to cover.

Found out my wife likes to do the scenery with the real dirt (so do I). so an extra set of hands is great and she has an artistic talent I don't have. I figure having the family involved is a win for everyone.

So first is the Huntsman redesign. I posted above how the original mine was way to large. Switched to the Grandt line kit and it is much more reasonable. That left me with the new to significantly redo the mountain course.


Not the best shot, but you can see how crowded the scene is and how far the mountain sticks out towards the track. Leaves no room for Huntsman which has a Section house and other assorted support buildings.


This is the same view, mountain was cut at base and top then bent back. Really easy as sculpt-a-mold is strong and had some give. Reattached with staples and will fill gaps with Scupt-a-mold then dirt.

Now lots of room. Should fit Section house and support buildings easily. Will also have a few mine support buildings also. Spur has room for 2-3 cars.

More Dirt:
Added a good bit of scenery also. Having to hold on final details as Rock molds will likely drip some. Also began work on the Clear Creek banks.

This is just down grade of Beaver Brook. The dirt really goes fast. Color is still a little dark. Trying to see if I can mix some grout in with it to lighten.

This is deck 1 middle peninsula. Looking downgrade towards Tough-Cuss Pass.

Here is the creek being fleshed out. banks being shaped. Looking towards Forks Creek. Once Rock work is done we can go ahead and finish scenery. Next step will be to begin adding buildings and ballast the tracks.

Thanks Cameron

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