Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rock Work Monday

Rock Work Monday

Went out Monday evening for a few hours (needed stress relief) and put in more rock work. Finished up my 50 lbs of Dental Plaster so next I will try molding plaster.

Worked on a couple of more pieces of Fasica including the deck 2 180 turn. Lined it up with Deck 1 to make it look nicer.

Decided to try a different approach on staining the plaster. This time made it stronger stain and put in 2 spray bottles, one for each color. Reversed the order, sprayed raw sienna first, then sprayed on raw umber.

This is the brush stain from last week.

This is the sprayed. Needs darkening but I think it looks better. still have areas where stain not taking well, need to figure that out, or hide with rock, dirt or plants.

This is a view looking upgrade towards Forks Creek.

This is looking downgrade, you can see where the brush stained meets the spray stained rock. Also the new fascia is waiting to be cut. Wanted to work out the foreground rock wall first before cutting.

Had my wife look at it and she thought the spray section looked better.

Any thoughts? Is the spray portion working?

Thanks Cameron

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