Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Update - Part 1

Thursday Update - Part 1

Finally got some better pictures to upload.

Thanks for everyone's advice both here and on the HON3Chat Group. Tried to take that and incorporate it into what I'm casting and staining. Also, used up the 50 lbs of Dental Plaster, have not found a local supplier, so switched to molding plaster as someone on HON3Chat suggested. I tried plaster like you get at Walmart and it turns grey and has a texture I don't care for.

There are some Monday night pictures above, you can refer to them to compare. Below show gradual results of adding more stain. Les made a good case for building up slowly and checking results. I was also coached by one of my mentors (Barkeep over on HON3Chat) to refer to my pictures taken in August to match color. One thing I noticed is the lighting in the photo's varies dramatically. The week we spent varied from full sun, to overcast to medium rain. So rock colors vary widely.

Elks Creek, rocks still a little shiny from stain. Looking upgrade to Forks Creek.

Close up of rock work. Using darker raw umber to add definition and try to recreate the beautiful canyon walls in Clear Creek Canyon.

Looking back downgrade from Forks Creek. The color is more to my liking, but I like real deep saturation, You can make out lines where either fill-in plaster or sculpt-a-mold took stain a lot less than original plaster. Will try to address this with a less diluted stain.

This is Forks Creek Approaching eating house and station. The temporary bridge is removed to protect it. Replacing it with a Campbell or scratch-built Truss Bridge.

More of a close up. The darker raw umber over raw sienna seems to work better than starting with darker. Care must be taken, if you get too dark, it is a bear to lighten.

Please comment, is it getting close? I went back and made a strong wash of raw Sienna and raw umber and used those to stain places where stain was not taking well, almost like diluted paint. Also covered area above rock castings, they will be mostly hidden so did not want to spend a lot of time and $ on rock castings.

Advice and comments welcome.

Thanks Cameron

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