Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday Update

Monday Update

Split tasks: Put in about 5 more Rock moldings on Deck 1 and continued work on deck 2. Also brought bridge spans out to test fit. Found a mistake in width, on bridges so will need to disassemble one to make it narrower.

This is the new Elks Creek bridge. Using Harry Brunk's books to help kit-bash this one. Base model is the Campbell single truss bridge. I really like this kit, uses card-stock plates with rivets imbedded on angles. Giving me some neat ideas when I go to scratch-build. Thinking of using thin brass with the Campbell as templates. Then forming rivets by indenting brass from the back side. Note width, this is the one I have to narrow down. Will paint Grey (Black hides too many details), then add some rust, should look pretty good. Will have to shim underneath to get final height right for rails. Silverwood stained ties should work after than. Will try polibond to attach to rails.

Revisiting the 180, here first coat of resin applied.

Looking towards Forks Creek, initial resin applied and more creek detail added.

Area for only real waterfall taking shape, this is a rule 1 added because I like to model waterfalls. During snow melt temporary waterfalls would have been feasible. Note green of water, may be a little too intense. Should be able to subdue with the mod-podge.

Some pics of Deck 1 rock-work. Sprayed beginning sienna coloring on it to help me see where to carve. This is looking downgrade towards tough cuss pass.

The 180 on deck 1.

Looking upgrade, this is huntsman with the mine siding (rule 1) added and the Grandt Mine temporarily in approx. position.

This is bridge 613 looking upgrade. Lots of work still to go.

Looking at all that white plaster and associate gaps to fill and carve, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Got to just enjoy the journey, too easy to fixate on the end.

Lovely wife got me a FSM Water tank and storage kit for Hanukkah. It should arrive Wednesday so yet another item on the to build list. Someone says on their signature line, "so many kits, too little time". Totally agree.

Thanks Cameron

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