Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunday Updates

Sunday Updates

In the trenches shall we say. A lot of time, with sometimes little to show for it.

On the side: ordering a SPROG DCC 1 amp system for my workbench. Anxious to work on loco's again and the lack of a test bench and DCC were real show stoppers. Guys on HON3chat pointed me in 2 directions:1. replace my MRC Advance Prodigy with a Digitrax or NCE 2. Get a SPROG. Went the SPROG route for now http://www.sprog.us.com/.

For those not familiar with the SPROG, it is a 1 amp DCC unit that uses the PC for it's control. Working with JMRI it can both program all CV's and run a locomotive via PC based throttle. Seems like a perfect solution, cost about 100 bucks (much cheaper than Digitrax and NCE) and offers the programming of CV's I need. The decision to upgrade to a NCE wireless will wait until Mar-April.

The creek bed is starting to take shape. I love to model water so this is a slow process trying different colors and techniques. The rapids looking towards Forks Creek are taking shape. Used silicon then when dry dry brushed white titanium artist paint on. Will add a little pillow fiber to larger rapids to resemble spray.

The 180 between Beaver Brook and Elk's Creek. Rapids just being modeled. I like the dry stone retaining wall on slope, used a lot in clear creek, Chooch makes a great product for this.

Switching sides, this is the progress on the Beaver Brook Side. Glued Rocks in to work wall on station side. Added silicon and dry brushed Titanium white to show a good flow. Beaver Brook is full so outflow is really moving water out to creek. Track Platform in-front of station is now in-place and rails secured. Several successful runs made to ensure gauge, etc.

A little further downgrade this is part of the stair falls (approximation). Found I will have to increase height of silicon rapids since they form the dams holding the Enviro-tex in. This is becoming one of my favorite scenes.

Back to Forks Creek side. This is one of my largest rapids just before bridge. Having to rely on old pictures as modern creek is so altered by the hwy construction. This is a place where the poli-fill from a pillow can make some nice wispy "mist" over the torrent. Use it sparingly and put in using the enviro-tex as the glue. Let dry then you can shape and thin to your liking.

Last shot for today. This is the 180 between Elk's Creek and Beaver Brook, about 1/2 way through the curve. Made a small 1/2-3/4 inch wall to hold resin in and give look that the curve is solid. Delayed decision to close in the entire gap to give time for thoughts to gel. Tried using twigs, but short supply so broke down and got some Woodland Scenics material to model logs.

The tinting of the "water" has been a learning curve, tried acrylic paint, resin tint (brown, blue, green) and other methods. Green tint seems best as the brown from the creek bed is working pretty well. Tim of BHI publications (Gomez on HON3chat) supplied me with about a dozen pics he took in CO, showing water tint and flow, a big help. Pouring in several layers so it allows fine tuning of color and more detail. Going to try and make some "fish" for the water in-between layers. Final water will have mod-podge put on it to give more motion and a plus, your can use it to hide any goofs or places that don't look right.

Working hard on Beaver Brook Station scratch-build, got 3 walls stained and build on card-stock. Ran out of 1x10 scale lumber so may hide back for now, or wait and order. Also working on 3 bridges to span creek since the Central valley (very nice for Std Gauge) did not have the look I was after.

Comments and advice always welcome, I'm a newbie and appreciate all the help I get.


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