Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday Update

Worked on more details and finishing out the "destroyed" roadbed from above. Also added the tunnel portal.

Here is the "destroyed" roadbed justifying the tunnel.

The new culverts with "water" added. Son had a good idea to put some resin over paint to make it shiny.

Close up of old roadbed.

This shot shows the rail and ties under the rock. I figure they would salvage anything usable but old buried and bent rails not worth the effort.

Remaining rock-work for Beaver Brook in. Used tinted sculpt-a-mold to fill-in. Just about ready for the remaining spur to be laid over a flume to cover brook. Then Station, water-tank and pavilion.

Looking upgrade from tunnel. This section will get a little more detail and water but is mainly complete.

Looking downgrade towards Beaver Brook on turn. This area here is like above, mostly done.

Waterfall with resin on top, turned out ok.

I am hoping this area is close to ready for my scenery AP towards my MMR.

Do need to add details like the frogs and snakes. Thinking also of having buzzards circling a dead animal of some kind, near tracks like train hit it.

Experimenting with mod-podge. so far unsure what to do with it. Any ideas?

Thanks Cameron

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