Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tuesday Update

Tuesday Update

New Elk's Creek Bridge. Not sure I really like it's looks.

New Forks Creek Bridge, based on Harry Brunk's plans. Much better I think. About 70% finished.

Tunnel Portal showing Mogul with Bear-Trap spark arrestor. Tunnel about 1.5" about bear-trap. I could try to lower. Still thinking.

Added pillow fluff to rapids. This is result, still trimming. Be very careful to not get too much fluff imbedded in resin, or get resin on fiber's sticking up that are supposed to look like spray/mist.

2nd look at pillow fluff.

Tough Cuss Pass, color being added slowly to blend. Patching any rock-work gaps I missed. Have to check track clearance with the 2-8-2 and 2-8-0. Think it is looking better. Will need to darken inside of cut to match prototype.

Other side being colored. The coloring process takes patience and some time. I use acrylic washes and vary strength based on material and how applied. Spray is my base method and is what you see here. I brush over sculpt-a-mold as it does not take washes well. One big difference between Molding Plaster (my current std) and Dental Plaster is they take color differently. Be ready for that and just work with it.

With brush and sculpt-a-mold, it is common for me to brush from tube lightly, then follow with water on brush to weaken in to a roughly 50-50 wash.

Some advice: experiment, don't be afraid to mess-up and test on a mock-up if necessary.

Thanks Cameron

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