Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday Update.

With deck 2 progressing, turned to deck 1 middle peninsula. At 6 months a deck and only 1 peninsula, looks like 5 more years work, with no buildings.

Got the rock work mostly in and filled with sculpt-a-mold. Tinted the sculpt-a-mold so you can see the fill. Helps with the tying into the plaster rock color.

Upgrade to deck 2.

Little further down-grade showing future mine.

On back side looking downgrade to tough-cuss pass.

Tonight hope to finish more more mold on deck 1 and patching. Then will begin adding color using washes.

Tried adding pillow fluff to rapids and water fall, will begin working on shaping that also.

Note on tunnel height. Going to measure with the bear-trap on the loco's and see how much it is too high. Pulling it out will be difficult.

Thanks Cameron

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