Saturday, November 10, 2012

Playing catch-up 5

Playing catch-up 5.

Nov 7 2012

Made good progress on Wednesday. Spent time on the fascia and back of deck 2.

This shot is back of deck 2 & 3. Using 1x4 for fascia on top. Put in fascia on deck 2 and drilled for bullfrog turn-out controls. You can see the roughed out foreground in white plaster cloth at bottom of photo. On the Friday posting you can see the (almost) finished product.

180 degree turn on deck 2, both sides of rock done and dirt being put in, Chooch retaining wall in-place. The Chooch is nice stuff. Don't like the glue on back so use chalk instead. Really looks nice.

Beginning to put in ballast you can see difference here. Barkeep over on
hon3chat recommended mainly dirt, so added a touch of commercial Arizona Rock ballast to finish it off. Gives the look of narrow gauge to my eyes. Also used the Doc Ben's aged driftwood stain and instant age on ties. I like the look and it is much faster than painting each tie with different color.

Fascia on front of deck 2 & 3.

Entire length of Deck 2 front. Ready for ballasting, creek bed, vegetation and then water!

Coming out of the curve with dirt on banks and ready to ballast.

Looking down grade back of deck 2, the ledge is the same one seen as white plaster cloth above.

The last section of deck 2 back. Tunnel rock completed. Now to add vegetation and scree.

Thanks Cameron

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