Friday, November 16, 2012

Some minor mid-week improvements.

Some minor mid-week improvements.

Folks on HON3Chat mentioned lighting tuning, so I tried a tunable board that has LED's attached that can rotate towards fascia, or the back. This is the before picture.

This is the after, camera does not show difference well, but light on back increases nicely. In this one place it may need a short led string running into valley.

The solution was pretty simple, a 1x2 cut to fit between cross-members. Wood screws drilled through cross-members to act as a tensioner and a rotation point. Works pretty well. LED's are self stick so just attached to the board.

Adding rapids to creek. Need to use these as dams to hold resin. Bright white has not dried, lighter white is dried with dry brush titanium white.

Small water run-off (spring snow melt) with small culvert below rails. Cribbing being built to contain rocks falling on rails.

Test resin pour. Used raw sienna to give water some color. The creek will be deeper and faster than normal and red mud flowing from Black Hawk will darken the creek due to flow.

Larger drop off near Elk's Creek.

Another test pour of resin, this has only a slight blue color. I think it is too light.

Any thoughts on colors of resin? Lighting control? Rapids?

Thanks Cameron

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