Saturday, November 10, 2012

Playing catch-up 7 - Last one!

Playing catch-up 7 - Last one!

Friday 9 Nov 2012.

Today was a banner day, first train ran on deck 2 back.

Blackstone 2-8-0 poking out from the tunnel.

Past Hanging rock.

2-8-0 making curve past the new foreground. Creek is between roadbed and rock (brownish area). Added tress temporarily to see how it would look.

Big Mike in cut, tight wall took some carving to clear.

Back turn with fascia. Painting the fascia really helps.

The complete curve from the outside looking in.

Ballasting at Elks Creek with beginning planning for section house foundation.

Moving back to Deck 1 rock casting front side at Huntsman. The siding will be a small mine for added interest.

Thats it for current progress, finished on a high with both loco's running. Will continue working on Beaver Brook and Deck 1 stone work tomorrow.

Thanks Cameron

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